Rebecca Thomas, 'Hospital of horrors: 1,643 ‘sexual safety incidents’ in a single 59-bed children’s unit' (Independent, 11/4/23)

CAMHS hospital "A single children’s mental health hospital with just 59 beds reported more than 1,600 'sexual safety incidents' in four years, shocking NHS figures reveal. Huntercombe Hospital in Maidenhead [Taplow Manor] was responsible for more than half of the sex-related investigations reported in the 209 children’s mental health units across the country. Despite warnings being sent to the health service at a rate of more than one a day since 2019 – a total of 1,643 sexual incident reports – no action was taken to stop vulnerable NHS patients being sent to the scandal-hit unit. ... Last year The Independent revealed that police were investigating the alleged rape of a child at Taplow Manor, involving two staff members. A young female patient also made a report to the police of an alleged rape by another patient in 2019. Last month it was revealed that a further sexual assault, at a unit in Stafford owned by Active Care Group, had been reported to the police in recent weeks. It comes after the Huntercombe Group closed its Watcombe Hall unit in Devon after a nurse was convicted of the grooming and sexual abuse of two patients. ... Active Care Group claimed that the high number of reports was a “sign of best practice”, indicating a safer culture."

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Type: Newspaper article🔍

Title: Hospital of horrors: 1,643 ‘sexual safety incidents’ in a single 59-bed children’s unit

Author: Thomas, Rebecca🔍

Organisation: Independent🔍

Date: 11/4/23🔍

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