Re Gladys Meek [2014] EWCOP 1, [2014] MHLO 32

"This is the hearing of an application by Mr Hugh Adrian Scott Jones, the property and affairs deputy for Gladys Meek, for: (i) authority pursuant to section 18(1)(i) of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to execute a statutory will on behalf of Mrs Meek; and (ii) consequential directions in relation to Mrs Meek’s property and affairs, and in particular: (a) an order calling in the £275,000 security bond of Mrs Meek’s two former property and affairs deputies, Mrs Janet Miller and Mrs Margaret Phyllis Johnson; and (b) a direction as to whether the deputy should refer the conduct of Mrs Miller and Mrs Johnson to the police."

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Re Gladys Meek [2014] EWCOP 1, [2014] MHLO 32

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David Rees and Sam Chandler, 'David Rees and Ruth Hughes successful in long awaited Court of Protection decision on statutory wills' (5 Stone Buildings, 15/5/14)