Public Health England, 'Using electronic cigarettes in NHS mental health organisations' (4/3/20)

E-cigarette policy guidance This document contains recommendations which were designed to provide a single reference point for NHS service providers to standardise smoke-free policies on the use of e-cigarettes. This guidance states that e-cigarettes are not covered by smoke-free legislation, that they are less harmful than smoking, and that 1 in 3 cigarettes smoked in England is by a person with a mental health condition. The headings are: (1) Summary; (2) Purpose of this advice; (3) Introduction; (4) The difference between smoking and vaping; (5) Current position of leading health organisations on e-cigarettes; (6) The evidence on quitting with e-cigarettes; (7) Recommendations for organisational policies; (8) Recommendations for care; (9) Next steps; (10) Other useful resources; (11) Case study.


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Type: Health guidance🔍

Title: Using electronic cigarettes in NHS mental health organisations

Organisation: Public Health England🔍

Date: 4/3/20🔍

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