Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland, 'Covid-19 Mental Welfare Commission Advice Note' (v22, 29/1/21)

Scottish coronavirus guidance The main changes are stated to be: (a) "Updated: 2.2 Human rights of care home residents"; (b) "New: 4.1 Does the recent High Court decision in England that a MHA medical examination needs to be face-to-face mean that this is also the case in Scotland? - replaces item specific to extending CCTOs"; (c) "Updated: 4.2 Second report for CTO application"; (d) "Updated: 4.6 MHA and AWI assessments and examinations by video technology or by telephone"; (e) "New: 4.17 MHO access to interview a resident in a care home in a level 4 area"; (f) "Updated: 6.9 Visiting to and from residential settings other than care homes"; (g) "New: 9.12 Face coverings, communication and exemptions"; (h) "Updated: 11.3 Learning disability – new resources about vaccination".


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Type: Coronavirus resource🔍 · Guidance🔍

Title: Covid-19 Mental Welfare Commission Advice Note


Date: 29/1/21🔍

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