Mental Health Casework Section, 'MHCS Update: Covid-19' (Dear Colleague letter, 19/3/20)

2020-03-19 MHCS stakeholder update COVID-19.pdf

MHCS coronavirus update This letter explains that MHCS staff are all working from home, their policies and procedures remain the same, and the ability to deliver casework is unchanged. If staffing levels decrease: the priorities will be recalls, prison transfers, upward transfers, tribunal statements and level/downward transfers and repatriations; there might be delays in leave decisions and discharges; and conditional discharge reports (CDRs) and applications for changes of discharge conditions (unless important because of risk) will be the lowest priority.



Type: Letter🔍 · Coronavirus resource🔍

Title: MHCS Update: Covid-19

Author: Souter, Helen🔍 · Nichol, Kathryn🔍

Organisation: Mental Health Casework Section🔍

Date: 19/3/20🔍

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