March 2016 update

Case law

  • PJ and MM appeal dates. Listing news: "Lord Justice Moor-Bick has directed that [C3/2016/0561 Re MM] be expedited into the court list and be heard with C3/2015/4104 Re: PJ with a combined time estimate of 2 days. It has now been imposed into the list floating over the 8th and 9th June 2016." (Email from Civil Appeals Office, 17/3/16). See MM v WL Clinic [2016] UKUT 37 (AAC)
  • Conditional discharge and DOL. On 9/3/16 the Court of Appeal granted permission in MM v WL Clinic because "[T]he appeal raises important points of principle which ought to be considered by this court and on which there is a real prospect of success" and directed that the hearing of the appeal be expedited. See MM v WL Clinic [2016] UKUT 37 (AAC). The Court of Appeal decision form was provided by Donald Tiong of Bison Solicitors. If anyone has information about a case which is suitable for publication then please do send it in.


Website and CPD

  • Mental Health Law Online CPD scheme: 12 points for £60. Obtain 12 CPD points online by answering monthly questionnaires. The scheme is an ideal way to obtain your necessary hours, or to evidence your continued competence. It also helps to support the continued development of this website, and your subscriptions (and re-subscriptions) are appreciated. For full details and to subscribe, see CPD scheme.