L v Clinical Director of St Patrick's University Hospital [2012] IEHC 15, [2012] MHLO 36

Unsuccessful claim for unlawful detention by 'voluntary patient' who was not allowed to leave hospital ward.

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Mary Carolan, 'Voluntary mental patient not being held unlawfully' (Irish Times, 25/1/12). This article describes what seems like a Southern Irish 'Bournewood' case.

Mary Donnelly, '"Voluntary" psychiatric patients need protection' (Irish Times, 9/2/12). This article, following on from a Southern Irish High Court decision that a voluntary patient was not held unlawfully despite making several requests to leave the locked unit, argues that it is highly doubtful that the Southern Irish Mental Health Act 2001 would withstand scrutiny under the ECHR, and that the statute contravenes the CRPD.