Hannah Taylor, 'Coronavirus Act 2020 - Changes for Mental Health' (Bevan Brittan, 1/4/20)

Coronavirus mental health law changes This web page sets out the proposed changes to the MHA in table format. It then gives some information under the following headings: (1) What about potentially infectious persons in the mental health context? (2) Patients who refuse to self-isolate; (3) How should public authorities be preparing for the changes? (a) Communication; (b) Environmental preparation; (c) Informing staff; (d) Training and guidance; (e) Alternative arrangements; (f) Statutory forms.


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Type: Web page🔍 · Coronavirus resource🔍

Title: Coronavirus Act 2020 - Changes for Mental Health

Author: Taylor, Hannah🔍

Publication: Bevan Brittan🔍

Date: 1/4/20🔍

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