DHSC, 'Consultation extension: Public consultation on the LPS extended until Thursday 14th July' (email, 21/6/22)

Consultation extension The deadlines for DHSC, 'Changes to the MCA Code of Practice and implementation of the LPS' (consultation from 17/3/22 to 14/7/22) and its Welsh equivalent have been extended from 7/7/22 to 14/7/22.

The email

21st June 2022

Dear LPS stakeholders,   In recent weeks, a number of people and organisations have got in touch with us to ask us for an extension to submit their response to the public consultation on proposed changes to the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Code of Practice for England and Wales, which includes guidance on the new LPS system.

We understand that the LPS is a complex area and that the consultation includes a number of detailed documents for people to work through. We also recognise that it takes time for people to be able to engage with the proposals properly, consider their implications in full and respond.

We have therefore decided to extend the consultation period by one week. This means that the consultation will now remain open until Thursday 14th July 2022.

Welsh Government is also extending the closing date on its LPS consultation to align with the UK Government.

You can find all of the consultation documents and respond via the online consultation survey by clicking here.

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Best wishes,

LPS policy team at DHSC 

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Type: Email🔍

Title: Consultation extension: Public consultation on the LPS extended until Thursday 14th July

Author: Department of Health and Social Care🔍

Date: 21/6/22🔍

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