Bunting v W [2005] EWHC 1274 (Ch)

"By the Application the Receiver seeks an order against the Respondent, to whom I shall refer as ("Mr W") that the accounts he delivered in his capacity as Receiver of M for the year ending 21st April 1994 and thereafter annually until year ending 21st April 2002 be re-opened or set aside. The application further seeks an order that Mr W deliver fresh accounts verified by affidavit, identifying (amongst other matters) the funds or assets of M used directly or indirectly for the personal benefit of Mr W or his family; that the Receiver be given permission to raise objections and further inquiries as to whether or not Mr W is to be entitled to charge remuneration for the services of himself and his wife in caring for or attending on M and an order that he should pay into the Court of Protection such sums as may be found due on taking the accounts and inquiries. In the event that there is a jurisdictional impediment to an order for payment into court the Receiver seeks an order authorising her pursuant to section 96(1) (i) of MHA 1983 to make an application to the High Court pursuant section 139(2) MHA, 1983 for leave to bring proceedings against Mr W to recover the sums found due on taking the accounts and inquiries."

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