39 Essex Chambers, 'Mental Capacity Law Newsletter' (issue 46, May 2014)

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Mental capacity law newsletter "Highlights this month include: (1) In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Newsletter, we cover the spectrum from refusing blood transfusions (Re J) to looking for sexual partners (Re TZ (No 2)); (2) In the Property and Affairs Newsletter, we cover giving to the Mormon Church (Re P) and the useful case summarising the principles relating to reconsideration of orders in the context of the revocation of LPAs (Re MRJ); (3) In the Practice and Procedure Newsletter, we cover an important case about the Court of Protection’s powers where a person has been found in contempt (A Local Authority v B, F & G) as well as a decision of the Court of Appeal which is required reading wherever a party to proceedings is deaf or hearing impaired; (4) In the Capacity outside the COP newsletter, we note a range of developments both from within England and Wales and further afield including, importantly, the General Comment on Article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities (about which much more in the June Newsletter). We also include our first ever book review; (5) Finally, in the Scotland Newsletter, we cover an important case upon powers of attorney, a symposium upon the Assisted Suicide Bill before the Scottish Parliament, and an update on the Scottish Bournewood case. "


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Type: Newsletter🔍

Title: Mental Capacity Law Newsletter

Author: Ruck Keene, Alex🔍 · Butler-Cole, Victoria🔍 · Allen, Neil🔍 · Bicarregui, Anna🔍 · Ward, Adrian🔍 · Stavert, Jill🔍

Organisation: 39 Essex Chambers🔍

Date: May 2014🔍

Issue: 46

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