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The Tribunals Service publish the following forms. Note that the links on this page are currently out of date: the forms are available now on the MOJ website.


Case Management Request form

  • Mental Health Tribunal, 'CMR1: Case Management Request form'. This voluntary form, introduced in March 2011, is intended to ensure that applicants provide the necessary information under the Rules when applying for directions, postponement, prohibition or disclosure of information, wasted costs, permission to withdraw an application, or other interlocutory matters (such as appointment of a representative). The form provides guidance and explains where it should be sent.

First-tier hearings

  • MHLA: New procedure for Tribunal applications and references - 23/8/10 - The Tribunal secretariat have introduced new application and referral forms, and a guidance document. They state that from 1/10/10 incomplete application forms will be rejected unless satisfactory reasons are given, and ask that duplicate forms are not sent.
  • Application to First–Tier Tribunal (Mental Health): PDF or Word document - 20/8/10
  • Referral to First–Tier Tribunal (Mental Health): PDF or Word document - 20/8/10

Hearing questionnaire

First-tier appeals

Form P9 - Guidance Notes
Form P10 - Guidance Notes

Upper Tribunal

Guide for Applicants and Appellants using Form UT3 (Mental Health, England)


First-tier Tribunal:

Upper Tribunal:

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