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_pageNameOrRedirectRe P (Sexual Relations and Contraception): A Local Authority v P (2018) EWCOP 10

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SentenceSex and covert contraception
Summary"This judgment in long-running proceedings involving a vulnerable young woman, hereafter referred to as 'P', addresses difficult issues concerning her sexual relationships and the covert insertion of a contraceptive device. ... I shall address these issues in the following order: (1) Capacity - general principles. (2) P's capacity other than sexual relations. (3) P's capacity to consent to sexual relations. (4) Best interests: general principles. (5) Best interests: contraception. (6) Best interests: covert treatment (6) Best interests: sexual relationships and supervision. (7) Further issues arising from the draft order." ... Given the serious infringement of rights involved in the covert insertion of a contraceptive device, it is in my judgement highly probable that, in most, if not all, cases, professionals faced with a decision whether to take that step will conclude that it is appropriate to apply to the court to facilitate a comprehensive analysis of best interests, with P having the benefit of legal representation and independent expert advice.
Detail==Citations== On Bailii as "P (Sexual Relations and Contraception) v.2 [2018] EWCOP 10 (18 April 2018)" - presumably v.1 was the unredacted judgment
SubjectCapacity to consent to sexual relations
PartiesA Local Authority P The NHS Trust A Family Member
CourtCourt of Protection
NCN[2018] EWCOP 10