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Mental Health Law Online

The internet resource on mental health law, and mental capacity law, for England & Wales. You can read a review of the site here.

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  • 19/09/20: FAQs about HESC hearings. HMCTS, 'Frequently asked questions about hearing arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic' (July-August 2020) — There are FAQs about technology, hearings and mental health tribunals. (1) The technology questions are: (a) What is Kinly CVP? (b) How do I prepare for a Kinly CVP video hearing? (c) Can I test my connection beforehand? (d) I can’t connect to Kinly CVP from my laptop/computer. What do I do? (e) What browser is best for Kinly CVP on my laptop or PC? (f) Can I use a smartphone? (2) The hearings questions are: (a) What if I want a friend to support me at the hearing? (b) What if my hearing requires interpreters or British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters? (3) The mental health questions are: (a) I would prefer to have a face to face hearing; can this be arranged? (b) I want to see the tribunal doctor before the hearing - can this be arranged? (c) I am a community patient and I cannot afford to join the hearing; (d) I need a full day’s hearing; (e) I have had my case referred to the Tribunal but I don’t want to contest it. What should I do? [Unrepresented patients referred to the tribunal "should contact the HMCTS ... and let them know that you are not contesting"!]; (f) Are the hearings private? (g) How will I be given the decision?
  • 19/09/20: MHT guidance for patients. Mental Health Tribunal, 'Help for Users' (updated, 28/7/20) — This document was updated to reflect the situation as it was in July 2020. It mentions that "those cases that are listed for paper hearings under the usual procedures or cases where the patient has indicated through his or her solicitor that the detention is not contested ... are likely to be heard by a judge alone on the papers".

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