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Mental Health Law Online

The internet resource on mental health law, and mental capacity law, for England & Wales. From April 2006 to September 2010 this website was called Wiki Mental Health. You can read a review of the site here.


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  • 14/12/17 (1): JR guide. Judiciary for England and Wales, 'The Administrative Court Judicial Review Guide 2017' (dated July 2017, published 7/11/17) — Extract from preface to the 2017 edition: "This Guide provides a general explanation of the work and practice of the Administrative Court. It is designed to make it easier for parties to conduct judicial reviews in the Administrative Court, by drawing together into one place the relevant statutory provisions, rules of procedure, practice directions, and case law on procedural aspects of judicial review. It provides general guidance as to how litigation in the Administrative Court should be conducted in order to achieve the overriding objective of dealing with cases justly and at proportionate cost. The Guide has been prepared with all Court users in mind, whether they are persons who lack legal representation (known as “litigants in person”) or persons who have legal representation. We invite all Court users to follow this Guide when they prepare and present their cases."
  • 13/12/17 (3): COP book. Alex Ruck Keene et al, Court of Protection Handbook: A User's Guide (2nd rev edn, LAG 2017). You can purchase the revised second edition in paperback, or read the free Kindle supplement to the second edition. The supplement contains the following headings: capacity; best interests; informal decision-making and the role of the Court of Protection; case management; the participation of P; public funding; deprivation of liberty: statutory wills, gifts and powers of attorney; human rights; destination table. It also contains the full text of the Court of Protection Rules 2017.

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The Magic Book is a database of contact details to which anyone can contribute. Recent additions:




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