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The internet resource on mental health law in England & Wales, primarily for mental health practitioners, to which anyone can contribute. From April 2006 to September 2010 this website was called Wiki Mental Health. The following are the main content areas:

1. Case law   2. Legislation   3. General information   4. CPD scheme
Regularly updated commentaries on the cases, with links to the full text judgments on Bailii. (Currently 1522 categorised cases)   The full text of, and a simple and up-to-date commentary on, the Mental Health Act 1983, the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and related legislation.   General articles to explain the concepts and terminology used in the caselaw and legislation sections; and practical guidance for lawyers   Online CPD scheme providing 12 points for £60: suitable for solicitors (SRA-accredited), barristers (established practitioners), psychiatrists, social workers and psychiatric nurses.

Recent updates on website

For further details of the items below, see the Updates page:

  • 23/07/14 (1): Medical case. United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust v N (2014) EWCOP 16, (2014) MHLO 51 — "The critical decision is whether it is in N's best interests to continue invasive, risk laden, medical care as would be involved in a further attempt at artificial feeding. I am utterly convinced that it would not. Accordingly, I declare that it is lawful and in her best interests for the clinicians (a) not to make any further attempt to secure a means of providing artificial nutrition; (b) to withdraw the provision of intravenous fluids and dextrose; and (c) to provide such palliative care and related treatment (including pain relief) as considered appropriate to ensure she suffers the least distress and retains the greatest dignity until such time as her life comes to an end."

  • 22/07/14 (4): Criminal appeal. R (M) v Kingston Crown Court (2014) MHLO 50 (DC) — M had admitted to GBH but the Crown wanted to pursue GBH with intent, and the judge made an order under s35 (remand for report) to gather evidence about intent. (1) The purpose of an order under s35 was to inform the court of a defendant’s fitness to plead and his diagnosis, not to advance one party’s claim. (2) The judge’s misinterpretation of s35 was a jurisdictional error so the High Court was entitled (despite the limitation in s29(3) Senior Courts Act 1981) to quash the order made under it.

  • 22/07/14 (3): Ministry of Justice, 'MAPPA guidance' (version 4, 2012). Link to this guidance added. See MAPPA

  • 22/07/14 (2): Transfer procedure. R (L) v West London MH NHS Trust (2014) EWCA Civ 47, (2014) MHLO 49 — (1) There was no challenge to the first instance judge's finding that the common law duty of procedural fairness applies to decisions to transfer from medium to high security. (2) However, the judge had gone beyond what fairness requires, by requiring an overly-adversarial procedure. (3) Relief should not have been given on the facts of L's case, including because he had been able to put across his side of a disputed incident and had ceased objecting to transfer. (4) The ability of the decision-making process to achieve fairness has an undesirable element of fortuity. The decision-making process should therefore be "amended so that, absent urgency, a clinical reason precluding such notification, or some other reason such as the exposure of other patients or staff to the risk of harm, the 'gists' of the letter of reference to the high security hospital by the hospital that wishes to transfer the patient and the assessment by the clinician from the high security hospital are provided to the patient and/or his representative, and that the patient be afforded an opportunity to make written submissions to the panel."

  • 22/07/14 (1): Northern Irish case. MH v MHRT for NI (2014) NIQB 87, (2014) MHLO 48 — The patient challenged the MHRT's decision on the grounds that "(i) the approach of the MHRT was unlawful and that the MHRT had not adopted the narrow focused based approach required under Article 77(1) and Article 2(4) of the Order and, (ii) the MHRT had misunderstood the meaning of "discharge" and had failed to take into account the applicant's stated intention which was to remain in hospital as a voluntary patient if discharged from detention". These challenges were rejected. The tribunal's decision was the only reasonable one on the evidence.

Keeping up to date

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  • 23/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: The @Law_Commission have announced their work on DoLS and supported living t.co/Vo4mTErjpy
  • 23/07/14: @CWCoP: Post #HoLMCA- Law Commission to look at #DOLS, but strangely only in placements other than care home & hospitals...??t.co/tHLz5Ltnhe
  • 23/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: Jackson J authorises hysterectomy with 'necessary restraint' on woman detained under MHA t.co/pcgVJB7huc
  • 23/07/14: @Capacitylaw: A true tangle – capacity, influence and the inherent jurisdiction t.co/u2ktOaHEkN
  • 22/07/14: @MentalHealthCop: My two part BLOG on "The Code of Practice Revision - Part 1 - t.co/dMUayiXKAY Part 2 - t.co/dMUayiXKAY
  • 22/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: Another good post on Re PB, this one from @suesspiciousmin t.co/oU5tUsabe1
  • 22/07/14: @suziefranklin2: @SteveBroach Any advice about DOLS & decision making for supported living services & how to approach reviews that are coming up? Thanks
  • 22/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: @SteveBroach @suziefranklin2 @IMPublicLaw @CWCoP Munby will be publishing a judgment v soon setting out what LA's and providers need to do..
  • 19/07/14: @bracknellnews: Latest: UPDATE: Trust apologises after three hour fault with Broadmoor siren in the early hours of this morning t.co/o2qZ56AiDC
  • 17/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: Cracking blog post by @CelticKnotTweet about very concerning developments in the inherent jurisdiction t.co/QTrZls81uX
  • 16/07/14: @CWCoP: Mrs Justice Parker gives some case management guidance for #CourtofProtection practitioners: t.co/pkqSLqH09a
  • 16/07/14: @IamIanHitchings: #Solicitors Regulation Authority withdraws endorsement of #Law Society’s #sharia guidance. t.co/HV1Ry5fe6n
  • 16/07/14: @legalaidhbk: Our post on yesterday's residence test JR result t.co/cesdpvvqjm. MoJ have announced intention to appeal t.co/cesdpvvqjm.
  • 16/07/14: @BarbaraRich_law: Court of Protection revokes LPA, SJ Lush condemns "utter fecklessness" of attorney and "implausibility of his story" t.co/ffCxH8Gtrh
  • 16/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: Judgment out in DD - the forced contraception case t.co/AKEixajEiM cc @Sectioned_
  • 16/07/14: @GdnLaw: Murderer not entitled to remain anonymous while seeking rehabilitation: t.co/j7Gaek2gZg
  • 16/07/14: @mmpolista: Compulsory contraception #COP Cobb J's decision with Serjeants Inn acting for the OS t.co/bin6QpoTk0 via @MetroUK
  • 13/07/14: @hundredfamilies: Grandfather takes legal action against MH trust after grandson tried to kill him t.co/racKhCBzML #mhuk
  • 11/07/14: @bbchealth: Shortage in child mental health beds t.co/TH7V1mcrU9
  • 09/07/14: @inner_temple: Judge allows police to break down woman’s door for enforced caesarean – Daily Telegraph t.co/Fvn2SE6aot
  • 09/07/14: @inner_temple: Parents of severely ill toddler threatening ‘legal action to keep her alive’ – Daily… t.co/B6p3YTDlvT
  • 08/07/14: @MHCodeDH: @DHgovuk Consultation on Mental Health Act Code of Practice NOW LIVE: t.co/phmInQPfxY news story here: t.co/phmInQPfxY
  • 06/07/14: @nearlylegal: Haringey have big questions to answer. Breach of order & getting judgment taken off bailii t.co/5JtcOG5w4U & t.co/5JtcOG5w4U
  • 04/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: Yet another capacity and childbearing case. Hoping we'll see some interesting feminist commentary on these soon t.co/xC9DB4NcrX
  • 04/07/14: @TheSmallPlaces: Just saw that IM v LM refused permission to appeal on basis that it's not a suitable case to consider this important point of law.
  • 03/07/14: @legalcheek: ‘Right to be forgotten’ ruling sees article about ‘foul-mouthed’ ex-Law Society president removed from Google t.co/XQtSBPjwMS
  • 02/07/14: @Capacitylaw: July Mental Capacity Law Newsletters now out t.co/cfR8jMWVPq
  • 02/07/14: @CWCoP: A Medical Treatment #CourtofProtection judgment in respect of #bestinterests; t.co/DMz0FMv9rv - more to follow from Cobb J(para 2)??
  • 02/07/14: @CWCoP: #CourtofProtection has power to authorise adult to be #deprived of #liberty in premises which are a children's home t.co/KeZbP5wics
  • 01/07/14: @vizcomic: A tricky little brain-teaser for you. t.co/YplLgq3OC5
  • 01/07/14: @vizcomic: t.co/HFC3mjoVfd
  • 01/07/14: @legalaidhbk: LAA release draft guidance on the #legalaid residence test t.co/zej7css4Ss Link added to our Resources page t.co/zej7css4Ss
  • 01/07/14: @hundredfamilies: Broadmoor records are disorderly, in poor condition and incomplete says Saville Inq. p 9&10 t.co/s0tLbJTem4 Reassured? #mhuk
  • 01/07/14: @CWCoP: #bestinterests judgment of Mr Justice Cobb re application not to resuscitate in #CourtofProtection t.co/MGxMovqVIY
  • 26/06/14: @TheSmallPlaces: The latest Mind legal e-newsletter gives their response to the govt response to the House of Lords report on the MCA t.co/JknihqiUzc
  • 24/06/14: @MHWitchfinder: @TheSmallPlaces Follow up on your article re MKC v RR asking the crucial question - what has changed? t.co/G015oe1Af9 Please retweet.
  • 24/06/14: @legalhackette: High court rules vulnerable defendants deserve equal protection: t.co/zc3glzK5Ku
  • 24/06/14: @legalaidhbk: MoJ publishes annual legal aid statistics t.co/4urX2FztoC
  • 24/06/14: @legalaidhbk: Our Resources page - 150 crucial #legalaid links all in one place inc all the new regulations, contracts and guidance t.co/dBYIXzkFJX
  • 23/06/14: @TheSmallPlaces: An overview of the new Care Act 2014, by Luke Clements t.co/TLAVe7zpDu
  • 20/06/14: @vizcomic: t.co/h4BH7tcso4
  • 20/06/14: @CommunityCare: Supreme Court ruling triggers sharp rise in deprivation of liberty notifications to CQC t.co/PuTKCeYS59 #socialwork
  • 19/06/14: @legalaidhbk: 2014 mental health and community care contracts verification deadline 4th July t.co/f4YyYXCti8
  • 19/06/14: @MentalHealthCop: New @EHRC inquiry into non-natural deaths of people with mental health conditions in state detention - t.co/XpLjYhQ71w
  • 19/06/14: @familylaw: The Press Association v Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust [2014] EWCOP 6 (17 June 2014... t.co/Un3h8Trnpd #familylaw
  • 19/06/14: @vizcomic: t.co/aPmlGicGWs
  • 18/06/14: @DrBridgetDolan: DNA CPR case in Court of Appeal. Patients have an Art 8 right to be both notified and consulted. t.co/IiUJnuiC25
  • 18/06/14: @CWCoP: We have previously blogged on #capacity to #marry and consent the #sexualrelations: true life story in @guardian tomo t.co/cE3Gv2robF
  • 14/06/14: @DrBridgetDolan: Court and councils face surge in denial of liberty cases | News | Law Society Gazette t.co/sqDZlNBVMx
  • 14/06/14: @IWasForReal: An FOI request to a London MH trust re Bed Managers refusing hosp admission unless pt sectioned https://t.co/RYVJhwf6Ho
  • 12/06/14: @paulebowen: "A gilded cage is still a cage"; my paper on #DoLS after Cheshire West for today's Law Soc conference https://t.co/di9fmIbNPr
  • 12/06/14: @MaskedAMHP: The Masked AMHP's latest blog post on TW v Enfield and the meaning of "reasonably practicable" when consulting NR: t.co/glfgWdWlGc
  • 12/06/14: @UKSupremeCourt: Determinations of apps for permission to appeal to UKSC considered during May published t.co/ljd3UZzhlf
  • 12/06/14: @CommunityCare: Man ‘left in squalor’ after errors assessing his mental capacity, ombudsman finds t.co/dd3xCroyn0 #socialwork
  • 12/06/14: @CrimeLineLaw: Law Society Summer Party (National Portrait Gallery) will cost its members approx £25,000
  • 12/06/14: @CrimeLineLaw: It costs £40,000 per week to produce copies of the Law Society Gazette for circulation
  • 12/06/14: @Mental_Elf: Don't miss: DH publish new guidance on reducing the need for restrictive interventions t.co/L15JIISTBC
  • 12/06/14: @Ermintrude2: "Supreme Court to hear landmark case on 'ordinary residence' in community care" t.co/BPEZDzkqSP
  • 11/06/14: @Ermintrude2: Mental health deaths inquiry launched t.co/AzOLDuD7x7
  • 11/06/14: @Ermintrude2: Sex in Assisted Living: Intimacy Without Privacy t.co/qFXeotWI59 via @nytimes
  • 11/06/14: @Ermintrude2: Hospital patients wait a month to be discharged due to lack of residential care, charity claims - via @Telegraph t.co/HH7bjJ7OVw
  • 11/06/14: @familylaw: New case: G (Adult), Re [2014] EWCOP 5 (10 June 2014) t.co/iFyXmpxxvR #familylaw
  • 11/06/14: @CrimeLineLaw: Wilful neglect or ill-treatment in health and social care - t.co/5j5M8Iuiwx
  • 11/06/14: @themiltonjones: My passport delayed! Turns out a 'passport photo' is not a photo of a passport.
  • 10/06/14: @rcpsych: The Bradley Report 5 years on- new report on progress and future priorities for mental health and criminal justice t.co/PlKyo5b8oV
  • 10/06/14: @CommunityCare: Government rejects call to scrap Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards t.co/DC4p5ApvkI #socialwork
  • 10/06/14: @MentalHealthCop: The UK Government response to the @UKHouseofLords review of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 - https://t.co/M1OFyZG1t2
  • 10/06/14: @MentalHealthCop: Inquiry launched by @EHRC into non-natural deaths of people with mental health conditions in state detention - t.co/ZrGo9kj5Oa
  • 10/06/14: @CommunityCare: Government wants all qualified social workers ‘trained in Mental Capacity Act’ t.co/huQKuMEzHI #socialwork
  • 06/06/14: @vizcomic: t.co/qCYOC5p4Ke
  • 06/06/14: @Switalskis: Thousands of disabled people lose their liberty because of red tape t.co/DZewCjEi2N
  • 06/06/14: @clairefinn54: A WAR veteran who disappeared from care home after being told he couldn't go to Normandy has been found, in Normandy. t.co/luu7sU4kM7
  • 06/06/14: @MentalHealthCop: Psychiatric 'RAID' teams improve patient care and save hospitals millions, first run by @BSMHfT - t.co/RGIXYP82Dh
  • 06/06/14: @CommunityCare: Councils expect upwards of 80,000 extra DoLs referrals in light of landmark ruling at extra cost of £45m+ t.co/LPUAo3eeBn
  • 05/06/14: @mithransamuel: Ahead of tomorrow's draft regulations and guidance on the Care Act 2014 check out our full coverage on the bill etc t.co/SMSKHtLCaS
  • 04/06/14: @vizcomic: t.co/BFBvjPeKxk
  • 04/06/14: @familylaw: The Public Guardian v JW [2014] EWFC B67 (OJ) (03 June 2014): Application by the Public Guardian to... t.co/NOCsUXhF0u #familylaw
  • 04/06/14: @familylaw: A Local Authority v B & Ors [2014] EWCOP B21 (07 April 2014): Application by local authority for an... t.co/Dz6DIaZyzU #familylaw
  • 04/06/14: @familylaw: Derbyshire County Council v Danby [2014] EWCOP B22 (15 April 2014): Contempt proceedings concerning... t.co/jS6DknbpQ3 #familylaw
  • 04/06/14: @chrishattoncedr: I'm still mulling it over, but can I urge you to read Lucy Series' superb response to my Winterbourne View post? t.co/mvDBK5m01n
  • 04/06/14: @CWCoP: Alex's summary of June edition of the @39essexstreet newsletter t.co/c1otI4B3Gy #mentalcapacity
  • 04/06/14: @Jess_S_Flanagan: This is a very good and helpful summary of where we are on #DOLS in the run up to the hearing next week. t.co/ghZmDW39yd
  • 02/06/14: @familylaw: New article: Not (necessarily) a political broadcast on behalf of UKIP t.co/qSuwD6udfR #familylaw
  • 02/06/14: @MentalHealthCop: Starting now on BBC1 - @BBCPanorama documentary covering the issue of Jimmy SAVILLE's access to Broadmoor hospital.
  • 02/06/14: @SteveBroach: Thoughts on McDonald v UK - qualified step forward for right to dignity in social care #disability #humanrights t.co/nl7YKo7Zld
  • 02/06/14: @MentalHealthCop: Patients sectioned 'because of pressure on beds' - t.co/T1YmcHPARI << Raises interesting legal questions, depending on the specifics!
  • 02/06/14: @CommunityCare: ‘Critically unwell’ mental health patients sent home due to bed shortages t.co/0rIYaQdKJe #socialwork
  • 25/05/14: @CrimeLineLaw: 'We are recreating Bedlam': the crisis in prison mental health services t.co/iNV6o6hJv5
  • 25/05/14: @MentalHealthCop: Here is an absolute stack of 'stuff' from @NHSEngland to keep you busy about Clinical Commissioning Groups - t.co/ysbA9uwyZy
  • 25/05/14: @CWCoP: Baker J 'overrules' teenage girl's wish to die. Cant find a link, but he said her wishes were "important", they were not "decisive".
  • 25/05/14: @inner_temple: Court of Appeal confirms principle on responsibility for s. 117 after-care funding – Local… t.co/1EqV0LDoMK
  • 25/05/14: @inner_temple: Care Act 2014 t.co/xUvWLVR7qL
  • 25/05/14: @vizcomic: t.co/J6sKf56NYd
  • 25/05/14: @MentalHealthCop: This piece by a mental health nurse is just heart-breaking - t.co/6DIQ7zgOyH
  • 23/05/14: @NewLawJournal: A gilded cage is still a cage: Ian Wise QC & Martha Spurrier of @DoughtyStPublic defend the Cheshire West decision t.co/jhEhpvBEvM
  • 23/05/14: @SteveBroach: Here is @JonHolb critique of Cheshire West to which @DoughtyStPublic colleagues responded in latest @NewLawJournal t.co/hNRuxp3CNr
  • 21/05/14: @BarbaraRich_law: Contested deputyship, Court suggests unsuccessful applicant's time better spent in prayer than managing P's finances t.co/uq8acKx9WD
  • 21/05/14: @CWCoP: The 2nd Edition of the #CourtofProtection and #Health & #SocialCare Law briefing is now out! t.co/AAMVXVW3Bm
  • 21/05/14: @AdamWagner1: Here is the full judgment in Macdonald v UK - funding for disabled women’s night time care breached human rights t.co/Yoh53iqGhD
  • 21/05/14: @MaskedAMHP: The Masked AMHP's latest blog post -- on a very recent, and very peculiar, Court of Protection Judgment: t.co/U1HxrbzCTJ
  • 21/05/14: @CWCoP: Supervisory Bodies : Your assistance is required! #DOLS #CheshireWest @39essexstreet t.co/odSPw9TP08
  • 21/05/14: @familylaw: North Somerset Council v LW & Ors [2014] EWCOP 3 (21 May 2014): Application by NHS Trust relating t... t.co/HqqKNV2fZM #familylaw
  • 21/05/14: @familylaw: An NHS Foundation Hospital v P [2014] EWHC 1650 (Fam) (20 May 2014): Application by a hospital foun... t.co/lqZTf5jSq1 #familylaw
  • 21/05/14: @TLSFSJ: Court of Appeal has decided LSC was wrong to refuse to pay in full for an expert witness report order for a child by the family court.
  • 18/05/14: @MaskedAMHP: The Masked AMHP's latest post, on surprising timescales to arrange compulsory admission under the MHA: t.co/QJ60mfHwTn
  • 18/05/14: @Ermintrude2: The Masked AMHP: What’s the Rush? t.co/xNndk7MzaQ
  • 17/05/14: @MarkNeary1: Judgement by District Judge Mort. Totally brilliant commentary by @TheSmallPlaces - t.co/XB0efHqX75
  • 16/05/14: @CWCoP: #CourtofProtection case ' re ML' contains an unreserved apology for inpatient care from Northants NHS Trust. Para 37 t.co/ItYHBTSFyC
  • 16/05/14: @CWCoP: In Re ML pleased to see an early application to the #CourtofProtection being made. Sadly, then this comes along: t.co/Ks6syaM6js
  • 15/05/14: @vizcomic: Legal Services Solutions. t.co/pEoPcWQqNi
  • 15/05/14: @emilydugan: Court of Protection judge to decide if doctors should stop feeding a brain damaged man with "zero" quality of life t.co/tPRw7n2LcU
  • 15/05/14: @LegalActionGrp: Care Act 2014 becomes law, heralding overhaul of adult care law and practice t.co/RDizoLGab8
  • 15/05/14: @BarbaraRich_law: Hope campaigners for transparency in Court of Protection will welcome & publicise "spectacular" abuse of trust jmt in t.co/acRQrRfbOw
  • 05/05/14: @simonburrows23: Talks on Cheshire West coming up…. t.co/IVKdaCXMr9
  • 04/05/14: @MentalHealthCop: Positive and Proactive Care: new guidelines to care staff on restraint / restriction - https://t.co/YRsVZ6T02u
  • 02/05/14: @Ermintrude2: High Court judge upholds ban on 94-year-old dementia sufferer talking to journalists t.co/dLiIJBhtWA
  • 15/04/14: @CommunityCare: Providers should make many more applications for deprivation of liberty, says CQC t.co/WtN1uRgRAz #socialcare #socialwork
  • 15/04/14: @JudiciaryUK: High Court judgment: In the matter of P (A Child) (Italian mother - 'caesarean' adoption case) t.co/fNBuSSeSiJ
  • 15/04/14: @familylaw: Baby adopted in Alessandra Pacchieri forced caesarean case t.co/oa3z1kfnZm #familylaw
  • 12/04/14: @CQCProf: Read our briefing for providers: How to judge whether a person might be deprived of their liberty -t.co/Wk87RMp3o3 #cqc
  • 12/04/14: @bbchealth: Mental health cuts cost NHS millions t.co/SBgbJGArS7
  • 12/04/14: @AdamWagner1: Irascible does not mean incapable – Court of Protection t.co/FrLgAgWgRK
  • 12/04/14: @familylaw: New case: An NHS Foundation Trust v Ab [2014] EWHC 1031 (Fam) (04 April 2014) t.co/S9ALjJ8lmS #familylaw
  • 12/04/14: @CWCoP: Holman J giving brief j'ment highlighting speed at which medical cases can be considered & limits to courts powers t.co/pIQHjBwulz
  • 12/04/14: @444blackcat: Well the DOLs flood has started normal busy wk we get maybe 5 requests just today we got 50 top of LA don't know how to manage it
  • 08/04/14: @Jess_S_Flanagan: A really sad #bestinterests case in respect of a #child. What a tough call: t.co/c4zP99GqOB
  • 08/04/14: @DHgovuk: Have your say on whether police have the appropriate powers on #mentalhealth t.co/XfWfGoSlU7 #S135/136
  • 08/04/14: @legalaidhbk: From yesterday: New eligibility key card and new child care deductions for students t.co/S5G4KtZHrC
  • 08/04/14: @MentalHealthCop: Consultation has now opened on s135 and s136 Mental Health Act 1983: make sure your view becomes known - https://t.co/5ErZeX7JdL
  • 07/04/14: @MentalHealthCop: Shrien DEWANI has been extradited to South Africa - t.co/ExpxayNq1S
  • 05/04/14: @MentalHealthCop: Shrien Dewani to be extradited to South Africa on Monday evening and held in a psychiatric hospital before trial - t.co/eGvMv39sxK
  • 05/04/14: @MentalHealthCop: Court of Protection to decide whether a woman detained under the Mental Health Act should have a hysterectomy - t.co/LvqyAXwTqM
  • 04/04/14: @familylaw: Court calls for 'love coach' to help vulnerable man find happiness: Man with learning difficulties ... t.co/wB9n63oOsP #familylaw
  • 03/04/14: @CommunityCare: In October 2006, social worker Claire Selwood was stabbed by the father of a child on her caseload. Here, she... t.co/2OKQLHHsKI
  • 03/04/14: @CourtNewsUK: Mentally ill woman who was set to be handcuffed and given an involuntary hysterectomy granted a delay
  • 01/04/14: @Mental_Elf: Continued use of CTOs is very concerning, in the face of no robust evidence to support their use t.co/jwzuyrQjxo
  • 01/04/14: @CommunityCare: Review of Mental Health Act police powers launched t.co/wxOzkXMexr #socialwork
  • 01/04/14: @MentalHealthCop: Various things on mental health in @HMICgov's report for 2012/13, mostly reflecting on the specific s136 MHA report - t.co/K3cS8ZDi9z
  • 31/03/14: @MentalHealthCop: Webley v St George's and the Commissioner of the Met - t.co/qOLBQiUrZ0 << Negligence case by a s2 patient against A&E and the police.
  • 31/03/14: @GdnLaw: Court to decide whether mentally ill woman should have hysterectomy: t.co/vQzkbXPpgG
  • 29/03/14: @MarkNeary1: DoH guidance following Cheshire West ruling - t.co/Uea5XYjnAC
  • 26/03/14: @CWCoP: Financial giants ignore powers of attorney | via @Telegraph t.co/YvmD4liSLr NB duty to register EPA only if donor lacks capacity.
  • 26/03/14: @MentalHealthCop: The @CommonsHomeAffs Inquiry into Policing and Mental Health is asking for evidence and opinion by 07th May - t.co/f7Gq56sE1x
  • 26/03/14: @MentalHealthCop: Mental Health Act Code of Practice (Wales) - t.co/MKFByUudqi
  • 25/03/14: @MDACintl: #Psychiatric community must recognise #humanrights abuses within the profession. New blog > t.co/XPYcbiCFNN
  • 25/03/14: @MentalHealthCop: Important for policing & mental health from civil Court of Appeal: Hicks v Met Commissioner (2014) - t.co/o0XijAcWuk
  • 24/03/14: @legalaidhbk: Mental health and community care tender closes 25 March t.co/aGJNGXYdit
  • 24/03/14: @ali_lamont: My blog on transparency and regionalisation of the Court of Protection has been posted today: t.co/s3q4GeUB12
  • 23/03/14: @legalaidhbk: LAA amend FAQs for mental health / community care tender t.co/XV8M68mGFl (h/t @Children_Law)
  • 20/03/14: @MentalHealthCop: BLOG - "A Gilded Cage Is Still A Cage" t.co/3ChIyzqqVX
  • 20/03/14: @familylaw: New case: AB, Re Notification of Statutory Will Application [2013] EWHC B39 (COP) (11 September 2013) t.co/Nlhsu4Pzyg #familylaw
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