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The internet resource on mental health law in England & Wales, primarily for mental health practitioners, to which anyone can contribute. From April 2006 to September 2010 this website was called Wiki Mental Health. The following are the main content areas:

1. Case law   2. Legislation   3. General information   4. CPD scheme
Regularly updated commentaries on the cases, with links to the full text judgments on Bailii. (Currently 1527 categorised cases)   The full text of, and a simple and up-to-date commentary on, the Mental Health Act 1983, the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and related legislation.   General articles to explain the concepts and terminology used in the caselaw and legislation sections; and practical guidance for lawyers   Online CPD scheme providing 12 points for £60: suitable for solicitors (SRA-accredited), barristers (established practitioners), psychiatrists, social workers and psychiatric nurses.

Recent updates on website

For further details of the updates below, click here:

  • 31/07/14 (2): Legal Aid Agency, 'Where to send civil work from 17/2/14' (February 2014). Link to this document added. See Legal Aid forms

  • 31/07/14 (1): Legal Aid forms. New versions have been published for: CIVAPP1, 3, 5, 6, 8 & 8A; ADMIN1; MEANS1, 2 (+ guides), MEANS3; CIVCLAIM1, 1A, 5 & 5A; CW1&2, 3, 4, & CWC(MH); ECLAIM1(CIV), (MH) & (IMM). From 4/8/14 only these forms can be signed. Old forms signed before then should be submitted before 31/8/13 to avoid rejection. See Legal Aid forms

  • 30/07/14 (1): Nazreen Pearce and Sue Jackson, 'Supplement to Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection' (29/7/14). This supplement to the Deprivation of Liberty chapter of 'Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection' analyses the Supreme Court judgment in Cheshire West. The book is available here: Nazreen Pearce and Sue Jackson, Urgent Applications in the Court of Protection (2nd edn, Jordans 2014). See DOLS#Academic articles and book chapters

  • 29/07/14 (3): Legal Aid Agency, 'Keycard 50' (April 2014). This document is helpful if working out financial eligibility for civil Legal Aid. In force 7/4/14. See Legal Aid#External links

  • 29/07/14 (2): Victim policy. Link to amended version of MHT victim policy (without missing text in paragraph 21) added. See Practice Guidance on Procedures Concerning Handling Representations from Victims in the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health)

Keeping up to date

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Bailii: recent COP cases
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