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This section contains general articles to explain the concepts and terminology used in the caselaw and legislation sections, and practical guidance.


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General information(8 categories, 2 pages)
Miscellaneous articles(1 categories, 61 pages)
Organisations(1 categories, 41 pages)
Other resources(1 categories, 18 pages)
Routes to discharge(11 pages)
Types of detention(16 pages)
Types of discharge(10 pages)
Types of patient(3 pages)

New database structure

The existing information pages will eventually all be moved to the new category structure below:

Information(9 categories, 2 pages)
Changes made by MHA 2007(37 pages)
Coronavirus(6 pages)
CPD(2 pages)
General information pages(1 pages)
Legal Aid(2 categories, 11 pages)
Legislation overviews(4 pages)
Main types of funding(2 pages)
Nearest relative(2 categories, 5 pages)
Other jurisdictions(4 categories)
Statistics(9 pages)
The Law Society(5 pages)

Progress in transfer to new database structure:

All pages remain within the old category structure, but more useful searches can be conducted on the new database.