Court of Protection forms

Forms for use in the Court of Protection.


  • Additional introduced for DOL matters:
  • DLA: Deprivation of Liberty Application Form
  • DLB: Deprivation of Liberty Request for Urgent Consideration
  • DLC: Deprivation of Liberty Permission Form
  • DLD: Deprivation of Liberty Certificate of Service/non-service and Certificate of notification/non-notification
  • DLE: Deprivation of Liberty Acknowledgement of service/notification

List of forms

The following forms are available from the external link below.

  • COP1 - Court of Protection Application Form
  • COP1A - Annex A Supporting information for property and affairs applications
  • COP1B - Annex B - Supporting information for personal welfare applications
  • COP2 - Permission Form
  • COP3 - Assessment of capacity - new version published on 7/11/13. See Tristan Donovan, 'Court of Protection adds weight to social worker evidence in mental capacity assessments' (Community Care, 4/4/14)
  • COP4 - Deputy's declaration
  • COP5 - Acknowledgement of service / notification
  • COP7 - Application to object to the registration of a Lasting Power of Attorney
  • COP8 - Application relating to the registration of an Enduring Power or Attorney - Please download accompanying guidance notes
  • COP9 - Application notice
  • COP10 - Application notice for applications to be joined as a party
  • COP12 - Special undertaking by trustees
  • COP14 - Proceedings about you in the Court of Protection
  • COP14A - Guidance notes on completing form COP14
  • COP15 - Notice that an application form has been issued
  • COP15A - Guidance notes for completing form COP015
  • COP20A Certificate of notification/non-notification of the person to whom the proceedings relate
  • COP20B Certificate of service/non-service notification/non-notification
  • COP21A Guidance notes on completing form COP20A
  • COP21B Guidance notes on completing form COP20B
  • COP22 - Certificate of suitability of litigation friend
  • COP23 - Certificate of failure or refusal of witness to attend before an examiner
  • COP24 - Witness statement
  • COP25 - Affidavit
  • COP28 - Notice of hearing
  • COP29 - Notice of hearing for committal order
  • COP30 - Notice of change of solicitor
  • COP31 - Notice of intention to file evidence by deposition
  • COP35 - Appellants notice - Please download accompanying guidance notes
  • COP35A COP35 - Guidance notes
  • COP36 - Respondents Notice - Please download accompanying guidance notes
  • COP36A COP36 - Guidance notes
  • COP37 - Skeleton Argument - Please download accompanying guidance notes
  • COP37A COP37 - Guidance notes
  • COP44 Court of Protection - Fees, exemptions and remissions [Leaflet]
  • COP44A Court of Protection Application for a fee exemption or remission
  • COP42 - Making an application to the Court of Protection [Leaflet]

External link

HMCTS Form Finder

White Book Updating Service: Forms Volume. The advantage of these forms is that edited versions can be saved; the disadvantage is that some are old versions (but check with the court to see if they are acceptable)