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*[[Civil Contingencies Act 2004]]
*[[Civil Contingencies Act 2004]]
*[[Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020]] - Made under the 1984 Act
*[[Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020]] - Made under the 1984 Act
*[[Coronavirus Act 2020]]
==External links==
==External links==

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There are two main coronavirus pages on Mental Health Law Online:

  1. This page, which contains guidance about the guidance.
  2. The Coronavirus resources database page, which contains links to and summaries of all Coronavirus resources on our database - currently there are 91.

Additionally, this has become a hot topic on the Email discussion list and on Twitter!

Follow the coronavirus regulations and Government advice.

Newer resources

As of 25/3/20, all resouces in the database were categorised and listed under the heading "Resources" in this summary page. If any documents are added to the database after that date they will automatically appear in a list immediately below:


For lawyers

For those who work with the Mental Health Tribunal

For those working with the Court of Protection

MHT for Scotland

MHRT for Wales

  • Nothing has been published (as of 25/3/20) but it understood that hearings are being postponed or being held remotely. As in England, the Welsh tribunal rules allow for hearings by video link or telephone, and pre-hearing medical examinations "so far as practicable". Unlike in England, a rule change would be needed to allow for disposal of proceedings without a hearing, and primary legislation would be needed to change panel composition (as Welsh tribunal composition is set out in MHA 1983 sched 2).

Parole Board, family and civil courts

Jury trials

Courts and tribunals generally

Coronavirus Bill

For health and social care professionals



In addition to the resources concerning the Coronavirus Bill above, here is some relevant legislation:

External links

These are general advice pages so do not have their own page in the MHLO resources database.

The following web pages/sites are updated regularly: