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The Civil Procedure Rules are used by the civil courts in England and Wales.

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Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2005/352 — {{Legislation |Subject=Court procedure legislation |Type=UK Statutory Instrument |Year=2005 |Number=352 |In force=2005/04/04 |Summary=These Rules amend the Civil Procedure Rules by enabling a patient to be made a respondent to a s29 nearest relative displacement application. In force 4/4/05. The amended Rule (CCR Order 49 rule 12) was revoked on 6/4/07 but a similar position is retained in CPR PD8A para 18.3 which states: "(1) the nearest relative must be made a respondent, unless (a) the application is made on the grounds that the patient has no nearest relative or that it is not reasonably practicable to ascertain whether he has a nearest relative; or (b) the court orders otherwise; and (2) the court may order that any other person shall be made a respondent." |Detail===Extract from Explanatory Note== These Rules amend the Civil Procedure Rules 1998 by—

(a) deleting words from CCR Order 49, rule 12(3)(b) to enable a patient to be made a respondent to an application under section 29 of the Mental Health Act 1983 for an order that the functions of his nearest relative shall be exercisable by some other person; ...

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