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  • 14/09/14 (1): CPD scheme. The CPD questionnaire for August 2014 is now available. Obtain 12 accredited CPD points online for £60. See CPD scheme
  • 13/09/14 (1): CPD scheme. The CPD questionnaire for July 2014 is now available. Obtain 12 accredited CPD points online for £60. See CPD scheme
  • 12/09/14 (1): List of firms awarded mental health Legal Aid contracts. Legal Aid Agency, 'Online publication of tender outcomes' (11/9/14) and Legal Aid Agency, 'Mental Health Services from August 2014: Tender Outcome Guidance: Contracted providers by 01/08/2014' (dated August 2014). A list of community care firms is also available. See Legal Aid
  • 08/09/14 (1): Job advert. Abbotstone Law based in Dulwich, South London are seeking consultant mental health panel members in the South & South East, the South West, and Midlands & East. For full details see Job adverts
  • 24/08/14 (1): Job advert. Needham Poulier Solicitors in London are seeking a new supervisor with mental health panel membership for their mental health department. Closing date: Friday 5/9/14. For full details see Job adverts
  • 24/08/14 (1): Capacity case. MAP v RAP (2013) EWHC 4784 (Fam), (2013) MHLO 151A 'consent order' was challenged under the Family Procedure Rules. (1) Under the FPR, where the ground of attack against an order is that there was no true consent, either because it had been withdrawn (which was said to be the case here) or because one of the parties purportedly giving consent was incapacitated, instead of an appeal (which had been made here) an application for revocation should be made to the court which made the order. (2) A consent order made by a party who is in fact incapacitated (even if this is unknown to everybody including the court) is not valid and should be set aside. (3) The principal claims (that the appellant withdrew consent, and that she lacked capacity) were arguable but should properly be tried at first instance.
  • 22/08/14 (1): Ministry of Justice, 'Lasting powers of attorney applications to be made simpler and easier' (press release, 21/8/14). See Lasting Power of Attorney
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