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Access to Justice Act 1999 UK Public General Act Miscellaneous legislation Preamble: 'An Act to establish the Legal Services Commission, the Community Legal Service and the Criminal Defence Service; to amend the law of legal aid in Scotland; to make further provision about legal services; to make provision about appeals, courts, judges and court proceedings; to amend the law about magistrates and magistrates' courts; and to make provision about immunity from action and costs and indemnities for certain officials exercising judicial functions.'
Health Act 1999 UK Public General Act Legislation amending MHA 1983 "An Act to amend the law about the national health service; make provision in relation to arrangements and payments between health service bodies and local authorities with respect to health and health-related functions; confer power to regulate any professions concerned (wholly or partly) with the physical or mental health of individuals; and for connected purposes." Schedule 4 para 65ff amends s122, s123, s134 and s145 MHA 1983. Schedule 5 partially repeals s122, s123 and s145 MHA 1983.

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