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Civil Procedure (Amendment No. 3) Rules 2006 These Rules, among other things, revoke CCR Order 49 Rule 12 which related to nearest relative applications. See Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2005 for details and links.
Civil Procedure (Amendment) Rules 2005 These Rules amend the Civil Procedure Rules by enabling a patient to be made a respondent to a s29 nearest relative displacement application. In force 4/4/05. The amended Rule (CCR Order 49 rule 12) was revoked on 6/4/07 but a similar position is retained in CPR PD8A para 18.3 which states: "(1) the nearest relative must be made a respondent, unless (a) the application is made on the grounds that the patient has no nearest relative or that it is not reasonably practicable to ascertain whether he has a nearest relative; or (b) the court orders otherwise; and (2) the court may order that any other person shall be made a respondent."
Civil Procedure Rules 1998 The Civil Procedure Rules are used by the civil courts in England and Wales.

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