Northumbria University: The Legal Research Agenda for Medicine, Capacity and Mental Health: A Gap Analysis - Newcastle, 2/9/19

"A Northumbria University Law School and North East Court of Protection Practitioners Association event, funded by the Society of Legal Scholars. The all day event will critically explore research gaps domestically and internationally in medical and mental health legislation and related practices. An overarching purpose of this research event is to effect advantageous change to the position of practitioners and patients in the medical and mental health context, including those involved in the criminal justice system. Speakers include leading academics and practitioners well placed to describe the shortcomings of the current legal system that they work within. Full details are contained in the programme." Free Admission. Register online to confirm your place and to access the full programme of events.


Follow the coronavirus regulations and Government advice.

Date: 2/9/19🔍

Provider: Northumbria University🔍

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