Martin Picton et al, 'The Crown Court Compendium' (Judicial College, December 2019)

Crown Court trials and sentencing "The main aim of this Compendium is to provide guidance on directing the jury in Crown Court trials and when sentencing, though it contains some practical suggestions in other areas, for example jury management, which it is hoped will be helpful." Both Part I (Jury and Trial Management and Summing Up) and Part II (Sentencing) have content relevant to mental health law.

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Type: Sentencing guidelines🔍

Title: The Crown Court Compendium

Author(s): Maddison, David🔍 · Tonking, Simon🔍 · Wait, John🔍 · Ormerod, David🔍

Editor(s): Picton, Martin🔍 · Ormerod, David🔍 · Tayton, Lynn🔍 · Shetty, Rejeev🔍 · Cooper, Jonathan🔍 · McGowan, Maura🔍 · Aubrey, David🔍 · Dickinson, Greg🔍 · Smith, Andrew🔍 · Thomas, Cheryl🔍 · Quirk, Hannah🔍

Publication: Judicial College🔍

Date: 1/12/19🔍

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